How can you protect your fragile electrical/electronic encapsulating applications?

by Jim Greig, Global Sales and Marketing Manager Electronic Materials, LORD Corporation

Jim Greig, Global Sales and Marketing Manager Electronic Materials, LORD Corporation-photo

Jim Greig

Protecting your electrical/electronic encapsulating applications can be a challenge. Electrical overstress (EOS) is caused by thermally-induced damage that may occur when an electronic device is subjected to harsh conditions that go beyond the specified limitations of a device. LORD Corporation’s Thermoset SC-300M Silicone Encapsulant – a two-component system – was designed for encapsulation of delicate electronic components to solve this problem.

SC300M ImageThermoset SC-300M encapsulant system cures to an extremely soft, gel-like consistency using either room temperature or heat cure. This encapsulant system offers a selection of hardeners, providing a choice in working life and cure schedule.

Here are a few other features and benefits you can expect With Thermoset SC-300M, you can expect low stress, excellent adhesion, durability and an insulative solution.

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